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Once upon a time, in the bustling capital city of India, there was a hard working MBA, ready to pull off another all nighter for a boring presentation the next day. Yep, that would be our founder.
After an hour of hustle, he heard some weird growling noises and his stomach was the culprit. Now, due to the sheer lack of time and his added laziness, cooking wasn't an option.

So he looked and looked - the fridge, the boxes, the shelves only to find a packet of noodles and instant fries, as usual.

He wondered how he had no option and how lakhs of youngsters like him have no choice except binging on the unhealthiest of food.

That's where the idea of Eat Joyers was born.
The Epiphany

Being overseas quite often made him realise the stark lack of healthier and delicious frozen food options here in India.

The beginning

After tons of research, we decided to build this gap. Eat Joyers started with the aim of making frozen food healthier, tastier and better for you.

The years to come…

We started our journey by launching the ever so classic Burritos and Momos made with the freshest, yummiest ingredients. Our goal is to expand our product line so you have a whole lot to choose from.

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Behind the beans
It all starts hereWe explore the local markets in search of the freshest ingredients.
Chefs at workOur super Chefs back at the kitchen try out multiple recipes to find the one best for you.
PackagingPicking out the most fun and convenient packaging for you, well that’s a must-do!
Freeze it upThe packaged product is then frozen to a temperature of XYZ degrees so it remains fresh for at least a year!
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